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Wright's Engine Rebuilding has been building quality street, industrial, marine, and race engines for nearly 40 years.  All makes and models are serviced, including vintage and obsolete.  Small engine, inboard/outboard, and diesel applications are welcome here!  Our head machinist , engine builder, and owner of Wrights, Bill Wright, has been building and racing professionally for over 35 years.

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 Our engine specials!


5.7L/350ci Small Block Chevrolet-300hp/350ft-lbs torque

$1950 Outright

  • 355-360ci total displacement

  • Precision built from specially selected seasoned cores

  • 9.2:1 compression -  runs on pump gas

  • 1.94/1.50 1 piece valves with performance valve job

  • 224/224@ 50 hydraulic Camshaft, 0.465"/0.465" lift with matched high performance valve train

  • High Volume/ High Pressure Oil pump

  • Double Roller Timing Chain

  • Premium performance bearings

  • Premium performance gaskets

  • Precision ground crankshaft secured by high strength main bolts

  • Precision reconditioned connecting rods with high strength rod bolts

  • Specially built for high RPM usage

  • Runs best with an aftermarket high performance intake, 1 5/8" long tube headers, 600cfm carburetor or fuel injection  - 6000 RPM redline

This engine is designed as a strong daily driver type engine..  It will idle at 650rpm and run on medium grade fuel.  Recommended for a manual transmission or stock stall converter,  This is an excellent truck or high performance car engine and makes plenty of torque down low.  The camshaft is mild enough that it will work with most factory fuel injection systems, but we recommend a high performance chip or tuning to make the most of the increased power this engine provides. This camshaft is also mild enough to pass emissions in most applications. Specific block casting numbers, date codes, or four bolt mains are extra cost.

For any further questions, please call or email us. 

We specialize in severe duty engines, and race what we build.  Our engines have won races in marine, drag, road racing, and circle track applications. 

We understand a budget and will work with the customer to custom build an engine that stays together, makes power, and most importantly - fits into the budget.   Every engine is built to order!

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